Smith Automotive Group Collision Center


Our Initial estimate of repairs

We thoroughly inspect your vehicle to provide approximate costs and repairs. Often time we are unable to see the internal damage and only see that when we begin to disassemble your vehicle. If there was hidden damage, we will advise you and your insurance company. If this an insurance claim, we require authorization from the insurance company before we begin the work to repair your vehicle.         

Repair begins

Your vehicle will be assigned an experienced technician to begin the process of repairing all of the damage.This is also the time that we will be looking for any hidden damage. We work very thoroughly to repair your vehicle and to restore it to pre accident conditions. We even use computer technology to match the new paint we will apply to your vehicle.          

Final Assembly          

Any structural repairs that were required are complete, the vehicle is repaired to pre accident looks and drivability and your car is assembled back to factory specs. We take great care to ensure that your vehicle looks great and carefully prepare it to return back to you.            

Pick up and return         

We will contact you when all of the repairs are completed and your vehicle is ready to return to service. One of our trained advisors will review all that was completed and answer any questions that you may have. Here is also where you get to see your vehicle and inspect it with our advisor. We always love to return our customers vehicles and see them grin when their vehicle looks exactly as they remembered it.


Q & A


1.Do you provide free estimates?


2.Do you have a rental car program in house?


3.Do you work with ALL insurance providers?


4.Do you have a computerized system for paint matching?


5.Do you have a frame machine for frame repair?


6.Do you have a unibody bench pulling system?


7.Do you have ample parking for customers?


A: All of the Above

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